Quality Policy


Designmen is a dynamic and fast growing assemblage of multi dimensional engineering skills dedicated to the challenging task of development in the region.

Our goal is to provide engineering services in our core fields of competence in order to bring about improvements for the benefit of project development and construction industry. We strive to develop an organization having a strong team of dedicated professionals to match the project needs and to achieve best results for the clients.

Our objective is to participate fully in the advancement of the region by utilizing its entrepreneurial expertise and professional skills to engage outstanding professionals in all the engineering activities and tap the full potential of every employee through motivation and atmosphere of co-operation and dedication.

It is the established policy of the Company to provide it’s customers with a high quality service, aiming at a 100% on-time delivery and specification compliance, and ever improving levels of satisfaction. We further commit to striving to provide a service which compiles in all respects with agreed necessary requirements which facilitate the Company to be fit for purpose thus intending to deliver this service in a consistent manner which conforms with the recognized minimum corporate governance and client specific contractual standards.

The Quality Management System has been explained to all employees and it is their responsibility to ensure that the procedures are adhered to and to report any deficiencies or possible improvements directly to the Quality Director or Quality Manager/Representative.

The Company achieves these objectives by establishing, documenting, implementing and maintaining an effective and efficient Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO standards.

The Board, management and staff of DESIGNMEN are fully committed to the application of sound governance, good management and the provision of high quality services to clients, Consistent high-quality services will ensure all stakeholder expectations are met, and in turn will inform good practice.